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One Can, Two Treats - Easy Hummus & Matcha Aquafaba Ice Cream!

Stop over paying for hummus! Your store brand canned garbanzo bean can make a hummus as good, if not much better than the pre-made stuff more than triple its price. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes. What's better - you can control what goes into your hummus - how much salt, oil, what kind of spice, etc. I blended my garbanzo bean with no added oil, and it's perfectly creamy without any added fat. Of course, I topped my hummus with spice and herbs and a final drizzle of EVOO for the pictures, but it is seriously optional for taste/texture. I didn't think low fat hummus would taste as good but it does! (<-- if you need any more incentive to make your own hummus at home!) As a byproduct, the drained bean liquid, aka 'aquafaba' (or 'bean water'),  can be whipped into a smooth meringue. Do it for amusement, impress your vegan friends, or just give it a try to satisfy your inner hippie/cheapo for utilizing what seems like pure