One Can, Two Treats - Easy Hummus & Matcha Aquafaba Ice Cream!

Stop over paying for hummus! Your store brand canned garbanzo bean can make a hummus as good, if not much better than the pre-made stuff more than triple its price. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes. What's better - you can control what goes into your hummus - how much salt, oil, what kind of spice, etc. I blended my garbanzo bean with no added oil, and it's perfectly creamy without any added fat. Of course, I topped my hummus with spice and herbs and a final drizzle of EVOO for the pictures, but it is seriously optional for taste/texture. I didn't think low fat hummus would taste as good but it does! (<-- if you need any more incentive to make your own hummus at home!)

As a byproduct, the drained bean liquid, aka 'aquafaba' (or 'bean water'),  can be whipped into a smooth meringue. Do it for amusement, impress your vegan friends, or just give it a try to satisfy your inner hippie/cheapo for utilizing what seems like pure waste. I will say that it definitely have a bean-like taste, and won't fool anyone if you're trying to pass it off as whipped cream. But what goes really well with beans & doesn't exactly require dairy? Matcha! Matcha & red bean is a classic flavor combination, and this mild hint of beans isn't far from the red bean taste. Also, as much as matcha works in a latte, green tea doesn't exactly scream for dairy. Classically they are frothed up with a brush with no milk or cream introduced - not far from the frothed up bean water we have here! You can serve the aquafaba as a mousse, or throw it into an ice cream maker like I did. It'll churn into a creamy finished product. Definitely worth a try if you're a fan of green tea ice cream!


For the hummus:
1 can garbanzo bean
half a lemon
1 clove garlic
4~5 tbsp drained liquid from the can
1~2 tbsp tahini

Optional toppings:
fennel seeds
extra virgin olive oil
coarse sea salt

For the matcha aquafaba:
remainder of the drained bean water
2 tsp matcha powder
2~4 tbsp sugar (depending on how bitter you matcha powder is & how sweet you like it)


For the hummus: Add garbanzo bean, squeezed lemon juice, chopped garlic, tahini, & bean liquid to a blender. Blend until smooth. Add spice/herb/seasoning to taste. Top with paprika & EVOO.

For the matcha aquafaba: Using a mixer, whip the bean water until mixture is pale and foamy, almost like milk froth for coffee. Add sugar, whisk until soft peak. Add match powder, whisk to firm peak. Add to an ice cream maker and churn until you get a dense & creamy, gelato-like texture.


Video Instruction: