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Easiest Creme Brulee Ever! 1min prep, No Bake!

  I am confident this is the easiest, quickest creme brûlée recipe of our time. At just 1-minute prep, 15-minute start-to-finish, this recipe bypasses the hour long oven baking and the overnight chilling, with no deterioration in quality. The result is a perfectly silky smooth custard, that takes no backseat to those made through the traditional method.  The gist of all the trickery: water is a better conductor of heat than air. That's why steaming on the stove top takes a fraction of the time as oven baking, and that's why chilling in an ice water bath will get your custard ready in no time. - This works on ice cream batter as well, btw. I have personally never chilled ice cream batter overnight. Waiting for dessert is unamerican.  If you've tried my 1-eggwhite-for-20 copycat Milano cookies,   and are now stuck with that extra yolk you don't know what to do with, the perfect answer is to make 2 creme brûlées! - 3 if you underfill your ramekins a little (which will make

Langue de chat (cat's tongue) - Sounds fancy, looks fancy, super easy!

  Langue de chat ("cat's tongue") looks like something out of a fancy European bakery. These thin butter cookies have the rich flavor of a good shortbread, with a much lighter, more delicate texture, almost like the ice cream cones at a really good gelato place, that they definitely charge you extra for.   Truth is they're neither expensive nor difficult to make. In fact they're the perfect way to use up extra egg whites from other recipes, that you don't know what to with. Everyday recipes like cookies, custard, chocolate pudding, etc, often call for extra egg yolk for richness. If you're ever left with 1~3 extra egg white(s) that you feel bad wasting but just don't want to deal with, because scrambled feels too healthy and meringue feels too unhealthy, this is your perfect in-between. I'm sharing a small portion recipe that uses only 1 egg white, along with ~2tbsp of butter, flour, ground almond, and sugar. Feel free to scale up, but even this sm