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Single-Serve Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is easily among the holiday favorites. This crowd pleaser dish can be finicky to nail. If ingredients aren't properly wrapped and chilled, you risk leakage that would turn the pastry soggy. Exact baking time of the wrapped dish varies with the size of the roast - the steak can easily be over-baked by the time the pastry is puffed, or pastry can be burned while the steak is still raw. Practice makes perfect, but buying whole tenderloins to practice can get expensive. This is my shortcut to get the same dining experience at a fraction of the time & investment, with the added perk that you don't have to wait for a big gathering to enjoy the dish. These individual beef wellingtons can easily be made on any weekday night. No wrapping, no tricky timing, no need to buy a whole tenderloin and risk ruining it. Each component is cooked individually & reassembled. I'm making a minimalist version here, feel free to add Parma ham and/or pate if that's h