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Homemade Herbs de Provence & Tomato Mustard Tart

Tomato mustard tart is a classic French dish that is perfect for summer. It is surprisingly complex in flavor despite simplicity in preparation. You wouldn't think fresh tomatoes goes on crusty pastry, and you wouldn't think you'd like to be punched in the nose by what looks like way too much mustard. (and trust me nose-punch it will - but you will like it!) The whole concept defies reasoning. It looks like pizza without sauce & sounds like hamburger without meat. But this stuff is seriously addicting. Try it once and you'll be hooked! I'm making a smaller tart with half a sheet of pastry because I really prefer this tart hot & don't enjoy it as much re-heated. Feel free to double the portion if you're serving a large party. Ingredients: 1/2 sheet of puff pastry 4 tbsp dijon mustard (or however much it takes to spread the entire tart with a thick layer) 4 tbsp grated parmigiano reggiano 2 tsp herbs de provence (*see recipe & notes be

Shortcut Curry: Chicken & Egg Masala

I like my Indian food like I like my Szechuan food: it's not right unless it's a spice level above my comfort zone. I expect to be reaching for napkins and ice water. For this reason, jarred curry sauces are far more often disappointing than satisfying to me. If I wanted a curry that does not make me sweat I would be making a Japanese curry (which is also absolutely delicious, just an entirely different dish that doesn't curb the right craving). Making my own Indian curry entirely from scratch, however, is still a tad more hassle than I would have liked at the end of a workday. So reviving the jarred sauce is a happy median for me. My Indian ex-roommate once taught me how to make Kerala-style egg roast. Turns out the secret is just onions and 3 powders. (She may very well have gone with a shortcut, as one would expect of a busy nyc professional.)  If you ever debated between chicken and egg curry at an Indian restaurant as I too often do, here's the awesome part