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Quick, Light, & Satisfying Weekday Dinner: One-Pot Beef Udon

A trip to Japan had us hooked on beef udon. We ate to our heart's content and somehow still lost weight on the trip. After pigging out during Chinese New Year, we went on the udon 'diet' for a week. I was happy this is an easy one-pot meal to prepare after work, and the husband was delighted at warm noodle soup on cold winter night. Ingredients:   1 lb beef, thinly sliced 1 scallion, chopped marinade: 2 tbsp sake 2 tbsp mirin 2 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp sugar broth: * for 2 servings 2 cups water  2 tsp dashi powder (dehydrated kelp & fish stock) 1 tbsp mirin 1 tbsp soy sauce 2 pack frozen udon recommended sides: crispy hash browns poached eggs croquettes Instruction: Whisk marinade ingredients together; rub thinly sliced beef in marinade and let it sit for 5~10 minutes. Stir fry the scallion until lightly browned. Add the beef and cook on medium high, until meat is no longer red and surface is slightly charred; about 4~6 minutes. Re

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Easy Eight-Treasure Rice & Steamed Rice Cakes!

I made a basket of hometown goodies for a Chinese New Year party, and my non-hometown coworkers requested recipes! Here are 2 simplified version of traditional southern Chinese rice desserts with my own twists.  Eight-treasure rice : (missing many common 'treasures', but lotus seed and picked plums are kinda out of everyone's way to get; there are no hard rules anyways, as long as you have 8 ingredients it counts, & even if you don't it's just as delicious!) Ingredients: for the rice: 1/2 cup forbidden rice 1/2 cup purple sticky rice 2 tbsp brown sugar 1 tbsp butter for the filling: 2oz purple yam 2 tbsp coconut milk 1 tsp brown sugar (or to taste, depending on how sweet your yam is) toppings: dates & walnut Instruction: Cook the forbidden rice & purple sticky rice together in a rice cooker. Use the brown rice setting if you have it. While the rice is cooking, make the filling. Slice & steam a purple yam for ~20 min, or un