Easy Instant Pot Pastrami from Corned Beef!

I could never miss a good sale. St Patrick's Day always comes with amazing deals on corned beef. If you'd ever want a change from the usual, crock pot boiled meat, give this super easy homemade pastrami a try!

Since corned beef is already cured, you're just one spice rub away from cooking it. Usually these need to be baked on relatively low heat in the oven for extended time. My inner hippie cringes at the thought of keeping the oven on for 6hrs. This is a short cut recipe using pressure cooker. I'm pressure steaming it in the Instant Pot, without submerging it in water so the flavor doesn't get too diluted. Then I double rub it in spice and finish it in the oven. Overall this is an easily manageable workday recipe, especially for those working from home this St Patrick's Day ;)


2lb corned beef brisket

2 tbsp ground black pepper
1 tbsp paprika
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
2 tsp ground coriander
2 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp mustard powder

1 tsp whole black pepper
1 tsp whole coriander seed

Whisk all spice powders together. Grind whole spices with a mortar and pestle, and toss them into the spice rub mix. Drain the corned beef brisket and pat dry. Coat brisket with spice mix - this should only require about half the spice mix. Set a rack inside pressure cooker. Pour ~1cup water into the pressure cooker. Place the meat on the rack, fat side up. Cook for 90 minutes on high pressure. Remove the brisket from pressure cooker. coat in spice rub again. Roast the brisket on a rack, fat side up, in 375F oven for ~20 minutes. Let it cool for ~5 minutes. Slice and serve, on hot buns with melted cheese & whole grain mustard. Enjoy!

Video Instruction: