The Golden Low-Effort Eggwhite Cake: Financiers

Many recipes call for egg yolks - gelato, custard, even some cookies or cakes. What do you do with all the leftover egg whites? Honestly, not many people love scrambled egg whites. Recipes that calls for egg whites tend to be a hassle - macarons, meringue buttercream, things that generally involve beating air into mixture, and tend to be temperamental. Financiers are the lazy bum's savior for using up a lot of egg whites, with no risk of under-folding, over-beating, or producing a bland end product (like most store bought angel food cake).

These buttery almond cakes are traditionally baked in a tin mold, in the shape of a gold brick - hence the name. It is such a simple classic, you can count the ingredients with one hand, and the steps with the other. 

5 tbsp butter
10 tbsp ground almond
8 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp flour
4 egg whites

1. Brown the butter on stove: keep heating melted butter until bubbling stops, and butter looks browned & smells nutty. This is easier and faster in a fry pan but a sauce pan will work too. Use medium heat and stir with a spatula to prevent burning. 
2. Mix browned butter with egg whites, sugar, almond, and flour. 
3. Bake in greased mold at 350F for around 15~20 min, or when the surface browns lightly


Useful tools:
silicon mold:
non-stick metal mold:
bulk metal mold:

Silicon cooks slower; metal crisps faster. Use silicon for the perfect golden color, and metal for the crispy edge. Also, any mini muffin tin or mini tart mold works. Go with slightly shallower shaped molds for similar texture.